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About Synapse


Synapse NeuroRehab and Wellness is a private, multi-disciplinary rehabilitation clinic located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, founded in 2021 by Amy Morse and Brittney Hooker.


We provide dynamic, creative, and fun physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and wellness services for people with neurologic diagnoses, in particular people with Movement Disorders. Our services are offered both in clinic and at patient/client homes, with flexibility for best and optimal care for our patients. We are located right next door to the Center for Movement Challenges, a wellness center that offers a variety of Parkinson's specific exercise and education classes for people at all stages of Parkinson's. Our model of the continuity of care is unique and drives optimal outcomes for people living with movement challenges!

At Synapse, our core values are Excellence, Empowerment, and Connection. We strongly believe in providing excellent care in order to empower our clients to take control of their health and lives. We connect brains to bodies, physical therapy to wellness, and people to resources!


To guide people with Movement Disorders to uncover the power within themselves to create a thriving active lifestyle that allows them to stay connected to the people, activities, and places they love.


To guide people diagnosed with neurological disease to go FROM feeling isolated and fearing the future to instead becoming a beacon of hope for themselves while illuminating a world of possibilities often unheard of in the medical community.


To change the rehabilitation paradigm for people with neurological diagnoses going from a restorative, low-impact, low frequency model to a dynamic, creative, neuroplasticity driven, preventative and restorative model which emphasizes treating the whole person for better outcomes and quality of life.


Our vision is to create a world where individuals diagnosed with movement disorders see it as a gift that sets into motion the most connected, vibrant and strong years of their lives.



EXCELLENCE in providing evidence-based, innovative, dynamic and creative solutions to functional impairments through exercise, education, and encouragement to people with Movement Disorders and other neurological disorders.​​

CONNECTION with others through listening, acknowledging, and authenticity.  We value connecting and collaborating with other healthcare professionals and fitness instructors for the betterment of our clients.


EMPOWER others to live their best lives by guiding them to uncover the power within themselves through resources, education, motivation, and positive challenge.

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