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Live Your BEST LIFE with Wellness!




What is Wellness?

Wellness at Synapse is like having a top-notch COACH! You will work one on one with a highly trained physical therapist who knows the ins and outs of Parkinson's Disease (and other neurological disorders). 

 The goal is to guide you in living your BEST LIFE!  

Wellness may include education and guidance on:

💪🏼 Exercise programming
😴  Sleep hygiene
🧘🏾  Breathing techniques for calm and peace
☀️  Mood boosters
📗  Local and national resources 
🍒  Much MORE! 

Just a few benefits of Wellness: 

🧠 Accountability partner
🧠 Consistent fitness and wellbeing tracking
🧠 Long term benefits of health/fitness 
🧠 Access to the best PD experts and local/national PD resources
🧠 Continuous monitoring of symptoms and health




Physical Therapy vs. Wellness?

Physical therapy is dictated by rules and expectations (usually set by your insurance company).  Insurance does not pay for guidance on sleep, nutrition, mood, breath work, general fitness, or preventative measures.

Wellness, on the other hand, is defined by
YOU! You get to decide what you want to work on and how often you want to work on it. Your physical therapist is there as a guide – to partner with you and help you reach the goals that YOU define. 


We offer in person sessions and phone or video consultations.


Why does Wellness work?

We see the SAME situation unfold over and over again. Our patients come in for physical therapy, work really hard, get SO much better, then leave with a home exercise program in hand.  When they come back to PT 6 or 12 months later, they have lost most of the progress they originally made in therapy. We designed our wellness program at Synapse to keep you continuously moving, grooving, and strong! 

How do I sign up?

  Please call us at (404)781-9539 or email to get signed up today!

*Please note: Wellness is a cash based service and is not covered by insurance. This is a GOOD thing! 

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