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Good Faith Estimate


In compliance with federal law, we provide this notice to inform our patients of their right to receive a Good Faith Estimate for services provided by our outpatient physical therapy clinic. A Good Faith Estimate explains how much your medical care will cost.  This notice applies to all individuals who do not have insurance or who are not using insurance.  


**How to Obtain a Good Faith Estimate:**

1. **Request:** You can request a Good Faith Estimate from our clinic before receiving the services. Please contact our billing office to request an estimate.
2. **Information Needed:** To provide an accurate estimate, we may need your insurance information, the procedure or services planned, and any other relevant details.

3. **Timing:** We will provide the Good Faith Estimate within a reasonable timeframe after receiving your request, typically within one business day or at least one business day prior to your first appointment. 


**Additional Information:**

For more information about your rights under federal law, please visit the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) website at

**Effective Date:**

This notice is effective as of 9/01/2021 and applies to all services provided by our clinic from this date forward.

Thank you for choosing Synapse NeuroRehab and Wellness. We are committed to transparency in pricing and ensuring you have the information you need to make informed decisions about your healthcare.

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