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Don't just take our word for it... See what our clients are saying!
"Thank you for making our journeys with PD feel controllable and even “beatable.” I can’t say I am happy to have PD, but I am glad I found y’all at CFMC and Synapse to get me in better shape than ever" - JK
"Synapse is a gem in the midst of the chaos called Parkinson's." -KO
"After doing PT at Synapse and exercise classes at CFMC my UPDRS motor score was cut in half! It decreased from 44 to 22. My neurologist was extremely impressed." -TU
"I can move better now than I could 5 years ago, before I was even diagnosed with Parkinson's!" -KF
"The therapists at Synapse are incredibly skilled at helping people with Parkinson’s. They customize the program to focus on your individual needs. I saw improvements after just a couple sessions. They made PT so much fun with their creative treatment ideas that not only challenged me physically but mentally as well. Highly recommend!" – TN
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